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World Cup 2010 Preview, Group C


This guy’s costume fits in well since it has been that long since England, inventors of the game, have won the World Cup. Could this be the year? They had an impressive qualifying campaign and look to continue their dominance  by being the clear favorites in a fairly easy group, as compared to others, so they should come out OK. Will the favoritism be too much? I don’t know since I personally have them as the dark horse of the competition.  The usual suspects are back with Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney, whom they will live or die by  depending on how healthy he is.  Momentum will be the difference for them going into elimination, and I think they could surprise some by getting to the semis.


I don’t even want to know where he put the “A”… The United States got the best case scenario for them by drawing in this group. This is what I was hoping for. Though obviously inferior, they play a similar style of game like England and I wouldn’t be surprised if they could steal a point there (1950 anyone?!) They then have two matches, though while not easy, they are the superior side. A first round exit will be a huge failure not just because of expectations but because of everything they’ve worked for and built these recent years. They were impressive last year in the Confederation Cup, just a half period away from taking the trophy against Brazil. Two key factors will decide how well they will fare. One; how healthy Onweyu is will go along way into how reliable their defense will be. Two; how much they miss Charlie Davies explosiveness will depend on who can fill his shoes. If they address these two, with Donovan anchoring the attacking midfield, they should be a challenge to whoever they face. Unfortunately, if they finish second, they’ll most likely face Germany next (Revenge for 2006?).


Much like that sign, Algerians will feel as if they are playing upside down. Let’s be honest, though they beat Egypt to get in, which was historic and heroic, their chances will depend on others, such as the USA vs Slovenia match, a tie there will increase their chances at an upset. Their talent relies on their hustle, though they do have some Europe tested players. How much of an impact they’ll have, will depend on how many times (if at all) their opponents fail and/or make mistakes. More than that? They should enjoy the moment.


I googled “Slovenian soccer fan” and the closest thing I got to that was this. This is not surprising though, since the country has like 2 thousand people. What is surprising is that within those 2 thousand people, they’ve made a pretty OK soccer team. OK enough to make the World Cup! Slovenia will play a safe style of soccer. What that means is they’ll stay back, secure the defense, and try a counter attack. If they’re successful, then their defense will be even more a priority. They would be fine with a tie against England and USA and a win against Algeria. Slovenia’s chances will also depend on how the US plays and if they can capitalize on the Americans’ mistakes.

Predicted Final Standings:

1) England

2) USA

3) Slovenia

4) Algeria 

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