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Rich’s Rants Archives

Here’s a listing of all the Rich’s Rants.  Enjoy!

Volume I:  Nick Adenhart’s killer, Albert Haynesworth and Who Will Win the AL Cy Young

Volume II:  MLB Attendance, Dez Bryant and Who Will Win the NL Cy Young

Volume III:  MLB Umpriring, MLB Playoff off days, athletes and the digitial age and Tony Gwynn

Volume IV:  Silsbee High School in Texas and athletes and drugs

Volume V:  MLB expansion of playoffs, Coach Shanahan, NFL defensive players

Volume VI:  Steinbrenner for HOF, Wade Phillips, Joe Morgan fired

Volume VII:  MLB Awards, Derek Jeter Contract Talks

Volume VIII:  NFL Fights, QBs laughing, TCU to the Big East

Volume IX:  Veteran’s Committee HOF vote, UCONN and the BCS, Yankees lose out on Lee

Volume X:  Jon Heyman’s HOF Vote, UCONN Women’s Win Streak, and Vick possibly owning another dog

Volume XI:  UCONN football and Women’s Basketball, Under-.500 team in the NFL Playoffs

Volume XII:  Tony Sparano, Tragedy in Tucson, Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists, Gwynn’s Cancer Treatment, NFL Playoffs, BCS

Volume XIII:  Pats/Jets Rivalry, Athletes/Twitter, NFL Officiating, Soriano Deal

Volume XIV:  NFL Pro Bowl, Cashman losing it?, Texas/ESPN TV deal, Super Bowl Pick

Special Edition:  UCONN versus the Donor

Volume XV:  MLB/U2, Super Bowl, Rob Neyer

Volume XVI:  Super Bowl

Volume XVII:  Albert Pujols, CC Sabathia

Volume XVIII:  Automatic bids for March Madness

Rich was a writer for Informative Sports who mainly covers the historical and analytical aspects of MLB. He's a fan of all sports, but really loves the MLB due to it's great history and statistical nature. Rich can also be found the Bleacher Report (http://bleacherreport.com/users/472690-rich-stowe), on Twitter (@rstowe75) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rich-Stowe-Sports-Writer/151927961499435)

Rich Stowe has written 80 posts for SportsNickel.com



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