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Rich’s Rants – Volume XVI

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another edition of Rich’s Rants.  This week, there’s only one topic – the Super Bowl of course.

Let’s begin with the weather.  The weather in the week leading up to the Super Bowl was downright nasty.  However, I don’t feel bad for the ones doing the complaining about it; the members of the media.  I do feel bad for the business owners that lost money because of the weather.  The Super Bowl is supposed to be a boon to local business but the weather shortened the time available for them to make money from a week to just a couple of days.  So media members like Peter King that can’t stop complaining about the weather, shut up.  We don’t feel sorry for you because you didn’t get the beautiful weather you needed so you could work on your golf game.  I feel bad for the people who expected to make money and for the ones who actually, you know, spent their own money to get to the Super Bowl.

Before the game started, 1200 people found out that the tickets they bought and paid a lot for were not going to be available due to “safety concerns” – 1200 temporary seats that Jerry Jones set up to try to claim the all-time attendance record were not allowed to be used by the Fire Marshall (Jones still missed out on the attendance record anyways).  The NFL/Jerry Jones managed to find 800 of those people equal or better seats, however, the remaining 400 people basically had to watch the game from a bar in the stadium.  Granted, if they were given seats, they’d probably have spent the whole game watching the Jerrytron anyways, however, that is not the experience those fans paid for.  The NFL in a show of good faith, gave each person three times the face value of the ticket, food, beverage, allowed them on the field post-game and tickets to Super Bowl 46 (whenever that might be).  While this is the best they can do, do you think any of those people actually paid face value for the tickets?  What about the money they spent on the trip itself?  While the tickets to the next Super Bowl is great and being “guests of the NFL” during that game will probably come with some great perks, what if the people can’t go to that Super Bowl or what if they’re not fans of the teams playing in that Super Bowl?  I don’t blame the NFL here; they’re doing/did everything they can/could.  I blame the greedy Jerry Jones for basically selling tickets to seats that he didn’t really have.  Sorry, but setting up temporary seats at an NFL stadium shouldn’t be allowed.  It’s an NFL stadium – if you want people to sit in the standing room/party sections, then you put seats there when you built the stadium two years ago!  It’s not like this game was being held at a multi-purpose stadium (a stadium used for football and baseball for example) where temporary seats are set up for every single NFL game held there and the people setting up the seats have a clue as to how to do it safely.  Jerry Jones should offer to reimburse those fans the actual cost of their entire trip – airfare, hotel and actual price paid for the tickets (not the printed ticket price).

Let’s talk about the singers for the National Anthem and the halftime show.  The NFL finally went “younger” in their choices – no over 50 singers this time.  Could they have made any worse choices?  First, you have Christina Aguilera basically skipping lines in the National Anthem (I’m sure the Vegas casinos were not happy with that seeing how it affects one of their prop bets – the over/under time of the National Anthem).  At least Aguilera didn’t lip synch the Anthem, though I think the next time she’s asked (if there ever again is a next time), you can bet she will.  Then you have the Black Eyed Peas/Usher/Slash at halftime putting on one of the worst halftime shows in history.  Granted, I’m not a fan of them (however, I like Slash from back in his GNR days) so my opinion might be biased.  The Super Bowl is in Dallas and you couldn’t find any Dallas or Texas bands to be the entertainers? When I think Texas and music I think country music like George Straight and Kenny Rogers or rock music like ZZ Top or Buddy Holly I don’t think Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas.

Now for what people who have no rooting interest in the teams playing in the Super Bowl tune in for – the commercials.  This was one of the worst crop of Super Bowl commercials I can recall.  There was only one that would be considered “a classic”; of course I’m talking about the Volkswagen Vader commercial.  There were a couple other funny/good ones, but nothing that is on par with the Mean Joe Greene/Coke commercial, the Budweiser Frogs/Clydesdales, the Budweiser 9/11 tribute or even the Snickers Bettty White commercial from last year.  There was also what I think is one of the worst commercials ever – the Groupon Tibet commercial.  Does anyone think some of these commercials through?  Who at Groupon actually thought this was a good idea?

Now on to the game itself.  It was an excellent game that I believe was actually closer throughout than the scoreboard indicated with it coming down to basically one simple fact – you turn the ball over more than your opponent, you’re probably going to lose.  Aaron Rodgers capped off one of the best postseasons ever by a QB with a 300+ yard, 3 TD, 0 INT game and earned Super Bowl MVP honors.  What did I really like about the game?  The fact that one team simply played better than the other.  There were no game-changing, bad calls by the refs and the weather was a non-factor.  Several friends of mine who are Steelers fans and will complain about anything that goes against the Steelers had nothing to complain about; even going so far as saying “the better team won”.  Congratulations to the Packers for winning their 13th NFL Championship and congratulations to the Steelers as well for a great season.  Both of these teams are relatively young and should compete for years to come.

On a personal note, the two point conversion cost me a perfect final score prediction!  On January 25th, I predicted the Packers would win 31-24.  I understand why the Steelers went for two but it would have been great to nail the final score dead on!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  You can send questions or comments via email to rich.sportsnickel@gmail.com,  you can also leave a comment below, on my Facebook Page or on Twitter.  Remember, any email or comment you make, may just make it into Rich’s Replies each Friday!  Also, come back each Tuesday for another edition of Rich’s Rants!

Rich was a writer for Informative Sports who mainly covers the historical and analytical aspects of MLB. He's a fan of all sports, but really loves the MLB due to it's great history and statistical nature. Rich can also be found the Bleacher Report (http://bleacherreport.com/users/472690-rich-stowe), on Twitter (@rstowe75) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rich-Stowe-Sports-Writer/151927961499435)

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  1. Rich Stowe Rich Stowe says:

    so even though it's Jones' stadium, the NFL decided to add extra seats and not Jones?

    have they always done this? I've never heard of extra seats being added to the SRO/Partyzone areas

    and if it was solely the NFL, why did it fail this time when they always have passed safety inspections in the past for all the temporary seating they've set up

  2. Zach Bigalke Zach Bigalke says:

    It actually isn’t Jerry Jones’ fault about the seats. The man is many things, but he is a guy who knows how to follow through. The NFL takes over all stadium and seating control in the weeks ahead of the game.

    So while trying for the record was something Jones would have loved to boast, it was out of his hands…

    … after all, he would’ve probably paid the extra workers to get things DONE.

    But Jerry had no jurisdiction this time around. Thwe ticket SNAFU is all on the NFL’s head.

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