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Picture of Diego Sanchez’s face after Martin Kampmann

I mean, wow! Never has a face looked so messed up in victory.

I thought the fight was close. Martin Kampmann took the first round, and Sanchez took the third. The only one that was in question was the second, which I believe Sanchez did the only significant damage. He baited Kampmann into a slugfest twice, and rocked him twice.

Don’t understand why Kampmann would do that. One thing’s for sure, Diego Sanchez has a huge heart and can take a beating.

R. K. Menn has been following MMA since 1998. He has also trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He tries to catch any and all MMA events whenever possible. You can find his opinions on pretty much any and all sports.

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  1. Brian Brian says:

    Wait, this guy WON?

  2. R. K. Menn R. K. Menn says:

    Well, define winning. Haha! He didn't "Charlie Sheen" win, but he won the fight.

  3. jajaja says:

    fk'n lies, watch the fight and place your hand on a holy book and tell me he won

  4. ivan says:

    he did win lol he fuck fought stupid jaja kampman only fought one round how do u wina fight by not fighting fuck head 505

  5. R. K. Menn R. K. Menn says:

    While I don't agree with the way Ivan said it, yeah, I think Diego won also.

    I wouldn't have questioned either way. If the judges would've said Kampmann 29-28, then Kampmann would've won 29-28 without any protest from.

    Again, a very close fight. Kampmann should've just kept Diego away instead of getting into a slugfest.

  6. steven graham says:

    No way did diego win, look at the stats and the damage. Kampman is so clean with his strikes it makes it look like he is not throwing hard but you can see the results. Also look how tired shields was after fighting kamnpman he looked like he just ran a marathon and had to carry 50 pounds the whole time, martin was ready to fight again.

  7. R. K. Menn R. K. Menn says:

    Kampmann did all his damage in the first round. And yeah, he landed more, but power shots went to Diego.

    Like I said, it could've gone either way and I wouldn't argue.

  8. micky says:

    That was one of the sickest fights i have ever seen.. but i thought the fight should have been a draw. Kampmann won the first round, i thought a 10/8 round. Diego won the 2nd and 3rd.

  9. R. K. Menn R. K. Menn says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty crazy fight. A draw would have been 100% okay with me.

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