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Nick Diaz Retired? Don’t Be Scared, Homie!

When Georges "Rush" St Pierre out wrestled Nick "Stockton 209 Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu what?" Diaz for five rounds to retain the UFC welterweight title I wasn't at all surprised to hear him drop the R-bomb. After all, this is a fighter that is notoriously out-spoken and has never been particularly happy with fighting for a living. While immensely talented and gifted with the work ethic of a endurance athlete, he has never seemed happy with the fact he has to get into a cage and get beaten up for a paycheck. A part of me thinks that ol' Nick would be happier collecting minimum wage at his local gas station rather than competing with the elite 170lbers on the planet. He could smoke weed whenever he liked.

R. K. Menn has been following MMA since 1998. He has also trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He tries to catch any and all MMA events whenever possible. You can find his opinions on pretty much any and all sports.

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