Where we’ve been:

It was a Saturday afternoon (March 13, 2010) when Brian Guerra and Robert Menn were, as usual, discussing a relevant sports topic of the day. They each made a few good points and then moved on. As they repeated this a few times, they came to the realization — albeit, possibly arrogant realization –that they should be publishing these opinions, even if only for them and some friends to check out. Neither of them clearly remembers how the name for the site came about, except it sounded decent and was easy enough to remember.

Both were semi-writing for other online websites, but weren’t 100% into it, as the views of those who ran them and theirs ran counter to each other. So as Robert began slowly writing the first few posts for SportsNickel.com, Brian began work on the first version of the site, which went live on that Wednesday, the 17th. Robert “Hype Machine” Menn began telling everyone about it, and a few other writers wanted in. Within a few days, traffic was jumping. SportsNickel.com was seeing more visitors than the other two sites they wrote for combined. We realized we were onto something, so Robert, the MMA Guru, kept the content fresh while Brian decided to overhaul what was only a two-week old website.

Where we’re at:

On April 13, version 2.0 of the website went live, and it seems to be doing pretty well. It featured a cosmetic, as well as backend, update, which took Brian some long nights to tweak everything.

Where we’re going:

Coming soon